Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Introducing Ciaraleanne...

Hi! I am Ciara, Ciaraleanne from stardoll. Yep! It's my real name. I am 13 years old and from Ireland (Not that you really need to know that! haha!).

I am a new artist to the blog and I am extra excited to show you my art. I have been drawing since I was young, although I wasn't all that good until I turned 6 or 7 and drew a picture of animals, which I think were elephants, and it blew my family away. I just all of a sudden got the talent of drawing and I am currently doing higher level art in school (Which is pretty good to be in).
I really hope you will like my artwork, although most of it is still being worked on so you will need to wait for a little while. ;)

Keep your eyes open for some of my drawings, paintings, etc. Hope you love!

Thank you,



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