Thursday, 29 January 2009

Yasmin's first drawing post.

Hey ^_^

So, I was chosen to be an artist at 'The Living of Art' just yesterday, but I thought I'd show you all one of my latest pictures. I did this picture when I was in a Science class the other day, when I was bored.

So this is a picture of an alien, but with 'snake' hair. For ages I've wanted to draw a picture of a girl with snake hair, and cloudy eyes, so I came up with this. Sorry that the picture was taken on an awkward angle. It's also not completely done yet, I still need to shade the arms and finish the outfit.

Let me know what you think.




  1. Kinda reminds me of Medusa. It's really good. :D

  2. Wow Yasmin, it's really nice. Like your name. ;D